• Kamran Hashmi

Watch this Space for Answers to Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Law is legal jargon and procedural minutiae. Law is full of "ifs", "buts", "maybes," and "it depends." There are rules upon rules. There are exceptions to the rules. And exceptions to the exceptions to the rules. Simply put: it's a shit show.

I want to demystify that shit show. I want to present legal concepts and answer your commonly asked legal questions in a language that human beings can understand. It's a tall task, because -- let's face it -- much of what lawyers do is "boring" in the traditional sense of the word. It's not courtroom drama all the time. Whether it's clearing up title on that new house, or filing a motion to dismiss the plaintiff's complaint for failure to state a legal claim, you pay us to navigate some very very "boring" concepts. And guess what: we enjoy it! (gross)

I want to bring that joy to this space, and try to make the law a bit more accessible for everyone. Even if you don't retain Hashmi Law Firm, I want you to learn something that might help in the future. So, watch this space for some (hopefully) mildly-entertaining articles and videos!