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Below is a representative list of individual disputes. Please note that litigation is unpredictable and prior results should not be used as a basis for predicting future outcomes.  

Individual Disputes

The Case of the Senate Candidate

Won intermediate appeal for New York State Senate candidate in fast-tracked election lawsuit that reached every level of the court system in under a month. See Glickman v. Laffin, 142 AD3d 730 (2nd Dept 2016).


The Case of the Bullied Student

Won substantial five-figure settlement for minor child against school for emotional distress arising out of faculty member’s bullying conduct.


The Case of the Bank Error

Won favorable pre-litigation settlement for borrowers after their mortgage lender threatened foreclosure after accepting a mortgage payoff, which was erroneously calculated to be over $60,000 less than the actual outstanding balance. In reaching a significantly reduced monetary settlement, we successfully argued that the bank’s actions represented an “accord and satisfaction.”


The Case of the Unwanted House Guest

Won an order of ejectment for our client, a mother of little means, to remove her estranged 47-year old daughter from the home. The normal summary eviction procedures could not be used in this case involving immediate family members, so we successfully filed an ejectment action in Monroe County Supreme Court. Click for: Supreme Court Order.


The Case of the Unfinished Home

Won favorable settlement for defendant homeowner resulting in dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a home improvement contractor for alleged non-payment of the contractor’s invoice. In response to the lawsuit, we applied pressure by filing counterclaims and the contractor agreed to dismiss its lawsuit and pay our client’s attorney’s fees.


The Case of the Unreturned Bail Funds

Won the release of $15,000 in bail money to our client. His former daughter-in-law used my client’s money to post bail for his son. After refusing to turn over the bail receipt to my client, we filed a lawsuit and successfully forced her to relinquish any and all claims to the bail funds. Thereafter, we navigated a complex procedural process to release the funds from Monroe County and return them to our client.


The Case of the Stolen Dog

Won favorable settlement for our client, the owner of a dog, in a lawsuit arising out of her ex-boyfriend’s unlawful custody of the dog and his refusal to return the dog to our client. After filing the lawsuit and a voluminous time-sensitive motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, the ex-boyfriend immediately agreed to return the dog to our client.


The Case of the Mortgage Fraud Scam

Instrumental member of trial team that successfully represented mortgage fraud victim in Virginia court resulting in jury verdict of approximately $843,600, which was largest mortgage fraud verdict in Fairfax county.

The Case of the Wrongful Foreclosure

Successfully represented homeowner in foreclosure by dismissing pending eviction, vacating the underlying wrongful foreclosure, and recovering attorney's fees. See Brown v. Nationstar Mortg., LLC, 2014 NY Slip Op 32500(U) (Sup Ct, Wayne County 2014)Brown v. Nationstar Mortg., LLC, 2015 NY Slip Op 31090(U) (Sup Ct, Wayne County 2015).

The Case of the Thieving Home Health Agency

​Successfully negotiated quick $50,000 settlement before pre-trial discovery in negligent hiring and conversion lawsuit against home health agency for theft of personal property.

The Case of the Nuisance Neighbor

Successfully represented property owner in nuisance and trespass lawsuit against neighbor for rotting and overgrown silver maple tree. After motion for preliminary injunction, obtained favorable settlement for money damages and removal of the tree.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm
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